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Originally posted by vampireuk
Is it a good idea to get a joystick thingy for the flying? I can fly reasonable well with the keyboard but then shooting is damn difficult since I have to stop flying for a few seconds
Yea man, using a joystick is the way to go, aleast for me anyway.
I use a MS FF2 joystick, while the game doesnt have FF effects it still works just the same. I found it very uncomfortable to fly with the mouse/kybd combo, especially when trying to use rudder and firing at the same time. Also bailing out and hitting the silk was awkward. With the stick I have the trigger assigned to fire the guns, button 2 (big button under my thumb) for bombs, then 3 and 4 assigned to the enter/exit and parachute respectfully.
The throttle is assigned to the slider, which really takes some getting used to, because normally off would be all the way down and full would be all the way forward, but in this game its split, meaning off is halfway between, so if ya are flying the bomber or a 2 seater and waiting for you crew, ya gotta remember to place the throttle slider halfway or youll either fly by yourself, or worse backup into something and explode. ( been there done it )
Others though have assigned the throttle to buttons. ie abutton for forward and 1 for reverse.
And lastly I have 2 buttons assigned for views, 3rdperson and nose cam.

But to each is own I guess, I just prefer flyin with a joystick, I use one with all my flightsims so to me it the only choice.
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