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Default Incorrect video memory reading on nvidia video cards?


I have an ASUS M3N78-VM motherboard with a 8200 integrated video card. I also use another computer with a ASUS Gf 210 with 512 MB video memory.
I use Debian Squeeze 32-bit on both computers. The cards work fine.

But the nvidia-settings GUI shows 512 MB video memory for the 8200 - But the system reports ~1800 MB free usable memory (from 2 GiB) and the cards specs go up to 256 MB shared.
For the Gf 210, nvidia-settings shows 1024 MB - i know that the card has 512 MB.
Nvclock doesnt know both cards, but reports 256 MB and 512 respectively (the Gf 210 is listed with 128-bit memory bus by nvclock that is incorrect, nvidia-settings reports 64 as it is).

These nvidia-settings reportings are like this since i got these cards, ranging from 185/190 series up to the 256 series drivers.
My question is why these readings are wrong ?
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