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Default Re: FEAR, Logitech HID bad performance

I just recently bought the game pack off of Steam, and am now running into this issue.
I have a second gen Logitech G5 with no software installed. Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64.
I have 2x Nvidia GeForce 260M GTX in SLi, running on Nvidia NForce 7 motherboard (POS crap).

My issue is a little bit more strange though. When running the benchmark, I get

Min 65
Avg 152
Max 404

After a few minutes everything gets choppy and performance goes down the tubes:

Min 9
Avg 9
Max 10

So I restart the game and unplug the mouse and just use the touchpad. This is where it gets weird. I ran the test again.

Min 26
Avg 33
Max 38

Well wtf? That's weird, I reran the test and same thing, around those figures. So without turning off the game, I plugged in my G5. The game froze for a second, but came back so I reran the test once more.

Min 67
Avg 153
Max 403

That's better, so ran the test again, this time about 3/4 of the way through, it started to chug really bad again, so I unplugged the mouse. The game again froze for about 4 seconds, but came back and the test continued, but at the reduced 30ish FPS. I then immediately plugged the mouse back in, and again the game froze but then continued and fps jumped back up to over 100. Weird. ****ing retarded but weird.
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