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Post BillShrink Shows You How To Save On Cable Bills

This morning, BillShrink delivered a karate chop to the cable cabal with a new service, currently in beta, that shows you how to get the best cable/tv/satellite/dish package for the best price. Their team of 10 engineers have worked for the last 3 months, crunching over a billion different combinations, to build you a powerful and easy to use price comparison tool that takes less than 2 minutes to use.

You enter your info, they run the the numbers, and deliver you the deals from different providers ranked by price.

BillShrink shows you what you can get, and how much you can save. You can also drill down and see how the price is calculated on a line item basis, including any equipment costs. BillShrink also displays the price you'll pay during any applicable promotion, the after-promotion cost, and what that all averages out to on a monthly basis.

To complete the transaction, BillShrink gives you the provider's number to call, what to ask for in the package, and the referral code to use. The service is free but BillShrink gets a referral fee from the provider for every person who orders using one of their codes.

You can use the service to switch service, or use it to save hours in research for negotiating discounts or free channels from your current provider (see our post, "What To Say To Your Cable Company To Get Them To Lower Your Bill").

They do require an email address to use it, so if giving that out isn't your thing, you can always use a disposable one, like Mailinator.

Consumerist asked BillShrink CEO Peter Pham, if it takes10 engineers working full-time for three months to build a comprehensive overview of cable options, what hope did any consumer ever have of being able to make the right choice?

"Not much," laughed Pham. "When we tackled it we thought, ok, this is about the same as wireless. As you dug into it, it's vastly more complicated." Every room, every TV has its own individual subset of several different options. And then there's the channel confusion, does this package have SyFy? Does it have True Blood? That all then has to get tied up against the actual content. "Mapping all that up was really difficult, we've done it, and we're excited," Pham said.

The service is the six entry in BillShrink's arsenal of price-comparison engines, which finding savings on cellphone bills, credit cards, savings accounts, and gas stations. And there's more to come. Said Pham, "We want to roll a new one out every 3 months."

Bring it on.

BillShrink [Official Site]

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