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Default Re: Geforce 8200 users, I need your help with finding usb hanging issue

@gradinaruvasile you do not understand the problem. The usb hanging problem is with full speed usb 1.1 devices only (adsl modem (2 different devices), irda dongle, usb radio, usb audio card etc. Keyboard and mouse are usb 1.1 low speed devices - works great for everybody. Your webcam is usb 2.0 device - works great for everybody. That is why you will never see the problem. If you want to see the problem disable in bios setup usb 2.0 device and start using your web camera.
It will hang in few minutes time. The problem is reproducible on any distro 32/64bit: ubuntu,rhel,fedora,suse,mandrake,lunar. Lunar has no custom patches and uses official kernel. The bug exist in pure text mode so nvidia driver has nothing common with it .

The bug appears in usb stress moments like opening many tabs or checking many rss channels at once in case of usb adsl modem. Or copying many little files to/from usb drive. Or using irda usb dongle to sync your mobile. Another example is usb audio card/radio card with hi speed continuous audio stream.

usb 1.1 low speed devices - always ok.
usb 1.1 full speed devices - always hangs after short stress use time < 10 minutes.
usb 2.0 any device - always ok.
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