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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Well i just tryed your advice Bro,

this is with 257.15

I went into Arma 2 and it was smooth for about a minute where it had been 2FPS,but then it started doing graphics glitches like the one in this pic:

after i tryed upping the fan speed to 70% incase it was not cooling the card.

But i just did the benchmark and Got average FPS=15 with my 285 i got 38FPS

I'm stumped because in Alien vs predator&Batman it's flawless performance

i'll test some other games like Dirt 2 and Metro

Cause it could just be Arma 2 not liking my card.

Also Antivirus was off during the test

This may be the "Nail in the XP coffin for me" now i need to get Windows 7[not that i'm complaining about upgrading ]

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