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Post Ridley Scott to Acquire His Own 3D Company

Ridley Scott has been talking about a pair of Alien Prequels to be shot in 3D 'back to back' for rapid release, and now we know why. He has formed a new production company called 'Scott Free Productions' that is with a partnership with Symphony 3D, parent company of MasterImage3D. You might be asking why Symphony3D and not RealD? Easy: Money.
As more and more screens go digital and 3D, Scott is clearly hoping MasterImage 3D will be an appealing alternative to more dominant players, like RealD. Unlike some of its competitors, MasterImage 3D equipment is purchased outright by movie theaters, and does not demand royalties for each ticket sold, as is the case with RealD. Plus, with studios cutting back on the amount of gross they're willing to share with even all-star directors like Scott, this must be an appealing growth industry for him.

It's unclear how much Scott has invested into this venture, but with so many other ventures underway he's no stranger to 'Risky' ventures.

via Vulture Exclusive: Ridley Scott to Acquire His Own 3D Company ' Vulture.

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