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Default Re: Incorrect video memory reading on nvidia video cards?

No, the cards work fine.
I am not keen on modifying stuff like this. I would like to know that TurboCache can cause instability/performance loss in cases when little memory is free.
I did google around for TurboCache, but it is advertised for the 6/7 series of cards - no mention of it on ASUS site for the Gf 210 or the 8200 IGP.
I have a few questions about this technology:

I wonder why does the 8200 use TC if it uses shared memory only?
When does TC start using additional memory?
I mean how the memory usage is prioritized - TC uses memory arbitrarily or only memory that is not used by the OS?
Can this memory be recovered by the OS if needed?
Can cause system instability if the system is using most of its memory and TC needs it?
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