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Default Re: Guy Spends $300k on Virtual Property

Originally Posted by ST:DS9 View Post
A co-worker of mine has been playing this game since 2003, and has made a profit $15,000 in 7 years. He told me that this guy who just spent 300K could easily make his money back and then a lot more.
I made 70k in one year on Everquest, I had to pay taxes on it too.
Jonathan Yantis (of Yantis Enterprises, later sold to IGE for millions) called me and wanted to know where I was getting all my platinum lol.

Most of the money I made was purely by luck, if anyone who was into EQ wants to hear the story, I'll share it.

I would just post it, but it's kind of a long drawn out story, so if no one cares, I'll spare myself the typing
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