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Default Re: 195.36.24 + 8200m + Laptop HDMI output, nothing on either screen

Any news on the bug?
I have a similair problem appearing both in windows and ubuntu/fedora.
On my compaq cq60-130ew laptop with 8200m g graphics, the hdmi port can only be used under 190.xx driver series. any newer driver does a blank screen on anything connected to the hdmi port (I have tried a few tv's both directly hdmi and through hdmi to dvi-d connector)...
have tried the 257.15 driver in windows yesterday and still no go - blank screen through hdmi, vga cable is ok (but not optimal, as no 1080p on my tv through vga). I am quite sure the same thing will happen in linux...
keeping my fingers crossed for you guys to get it solved
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