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Default Re: GeForce FX 5200, DVI, 1920x1080, Linux

Originally Posted by frenchy2k1 View Post
you said you tried win2k.
What was the result there? Could you display in 1080p?

Are you sure the DVI port is dual link and can support such a resolution? Are you siure your cable is? Your experiments so far point to a single link DVI port (max of 1440x900).

I'm not sure about the dual versus single link port, I read the documentation and the card is supposed to support 1920x1080 (this was even said by the Sparkle tech support).

I think for the time I spend so far I'm just going to simply upgrade to a 6200LE, it seems people have had much better luck with this card.

With Win2K I could only get 1600x1200.
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