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Default Re: Retail vs. Steam

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
See I don't see Steam as a form of DRM because I get a service from it. I use it as my regular chat client now. I even use the browser within the program while I play.

If Ubisoft created more of a service from their DRM rather then just a log on into their servers it would have been taken better by the public. Yes it backs up your saves but they designed that for DRM purposes.
Well that's part of my point... when the idea of internet activation took off people acted like they would never accept it, but by hiding it within a chat program Valve has made it not only accepted but even enjoyed by the majority of users.

So my point is, will online all the time or streaming services get around the fact that most PC gamers are against it by hiding it within cool community features?

And on a side not, since you can use the Steam program and launch games from it whether you buy them there or not, I really don't understand why it is considered a reason to shop there. I can launch Battlefield BC2 from Steam and talk to you while playing whether I actually bought the game on Steam or not.
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