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Post Release the Hybrids ! Nvidia reconsiders ATI+NV PhysX setups ?

Users at NGOHQ Hybrid PhysX Mod 1.03 discussion have discovered awesome fact ' with recent 257.15 GeForce/ION drivers combo ATI + NV PhysX setups are working without need to apply any modifications !

Quoting GenL, Hybrid PhysX mod creator
I'm seriously amazedā?¦ seems like you are right! I just didn't test it yesterday because i saw a user report saying otherwise on another site, but now i've tested it by myself on Windows XP and Windows 7 x64 ' it really works 'out of the box' with 257.15.

In Windows XP i've just extended the fake desktop, and on Windows 7 i created one non-extended ' that's all i needed to get GPU-PhysX working. And even more surprising ' timebomb issue is gone too, at least for its normal time interval (~30 seconds in FluidMark).

Originally, Hybrid PhysX configurations were officially blocked by Nvidia in Q4 2009.

What that's ' accidental mistake or permanent change, ticket to the bright future for Hybrid PhysX systems ?

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