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Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Well that's part of my point... when the idea of internet activation took off people acted like they would never accept it, but by hiding it within a chat program Valve has made it not only accepted but even enjoyed by the majority of users.

So my point is, will online all the time or streaming services get around the fact that most PC gamers are against it by hiding it within cool community features?
IMO no. Internet activation was eventually accepted because it solved a problem a lot of people like myself had with retail games, the stupid disc in the drive to play. Steam was accepted not only for it's chat client, it was accepted because of it's convenience. You logged in or go to offline mode and your games are still available to play. Community features are good but a secondary to actually being able to play your purchased games as you want.

Online all the time DRM like Ubi's or streaming services fail the convenience factor. Not being able to play a game you bought just because your net connection went out or you're on a plane is a big problem. No features like cloud save games, chat, or achievements will fix that fundamental flaw. Streaming services are even worse especially in areas where people are limited in bandwidth by monthly caps or in the case of mobile devices possible roaming charges. Pricing is also a significant issue with streaming services. I don't know anyone who could justify paying full price for a non MMO game then also having to pay a monthly fee to be able to play it.

As far as the poll goes, I didn't answer because neither choice applies. For me my choice is always determined mainly by the DRM convenience. For a while now I have shunned retail when I hear "simple disc check" DRM, so I have been buying via digital distributors but not necessarily steam alone. While I like steam, I really dislike the constant need for them to infect otherwise DRM-Free elsewhere games with steam DRM. So I generally will buy those games (mainly indie) from other services.

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