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Default Re: Guy Spends $300k on Virtual Property

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody View Post
i definitely want to hear it
Well, since you asked

If you go back to the first year or so, and remember trading at that time was mostly done in the EC tunnel (no AH yet) I was a big time trader, but not the biggest on the server by any stretch.. I was purely doing it as hobby, it was one of the things in MMO's that I really enjoy.. anyway, this guy sends me a tell (in horrible chinglish) asking how much for my Golden Efreeti boots.. "not for sale I tell him" at this point in the game, they bring about 10,000 plat but they were rare as hell (because it was always camped, and every caster wanted them) So he fires back.. "I pay you 40k plat"

Holy crap, ok... sold, he continues inspecting me, How much for necklace of superiority... I answer the same, not for sale.. too hard to replace.. He offers up 50k plat.. ok, now I know whats up, he has a endless supply of plat.. this goes on till my Druid is damn near naked, save for a few no-drop items from the plane of fear.

I remembered my brother in law (who got me into EQ) telling me that people were paying CRAZY amounts for plat and EQ items on Ebay, At this time 10,000 plat was selling for $300+.. I knew I was sitting on a gold mine if I could just deal with this guy exclusively.. He didn't care about RL $$ He just wanted his little guildmates decked out in the best gear possible.

Just from the gear he bought from my Druid, I had more than 250k plat (roughly 6k in real life cash)
I knew this guy was hacking, and I had to corral him because he was completely reckless and I knew he would be banned shortly.. So I asked him if he could speak English on par with his typing.. his answer:
"little" lol.

Short story long, I called the guy, he explained that he was using a hex editor and could create as much as he wanted.. I did my best to explain to him, that his behavior and reckless overspending would draw a ton of unwanted attention, I first asked him if he wanted RL cash, or just items.. "Just item for guild" was his answer.. Ok, get me a list.. I'll get it all together, you won't be banned, your guild will love you and I'll be fricking RICH!!!! Ok, I didn't say the last part, but I was thinking it.

So I went about my happy way collecting his guild's gear in the tunnel, he in turn overpaid me for it by about 1,000%
Just when I hit the $70,000 mark on Ebay platinum sales, the Devs fixed the hack, and My main account, along with His main account and 7-8 of his guidmates were perma-banned.

I had bought like 7 accounts to spread around the plat I had for just such a occasion, I had them in various family members names etc.. But they still banned all but 2 of them.
Had I been able to sell all the plat I had before the ban... I would have made close to 3-400k (Rough estimate.. I had already screwed the servers economy, My last 10k plat sold, was down to just over $200 (it was just over $300 5-6 weeks earlier) This was well before you could move servers.. If I could have server moved several toons around, I would have made a FORTUNE!

Anyways... told you it was a long story.
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