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Default Re: Performance regressions with 256.25 driver?

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
As said above and it was done on a laptop mobile GPU, Ideally it would be better on a high and low end PC.
Please explain why that is so? The phoronix article basically says "We tested 1 laptop, and there is a performance regression on it. To quote from the article:
"At least in select software/hardware configurations the NVIDIA 256.25 Linux display driver does carry some hefty performance regressions".

It's entirely valid for phoronix to post the result from the machine they tested. If you disagree with their methodology, then say why. If you don't see regressions or see improvements, then that's great, and post your specs. Don't bitch at phoronix for posting theirs.

My reply above was specifically to moroninite, who started raving on about filesystem benchmarks when the benchmark in question is about nvidia cards and the 256.x driver.

BTW, Sean_W, why do you say it would be better testing on a high and low end PC vs a laptop mobile GPU?

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