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Default Re: Wine and 256.25 (beta) driver problems

Originally Posted by Licaon View Post
run wine ./steam from the command line and paste the error

if you go back to 195.36.24 it works?
Yep, going back to the old driver makes STEAM work again.

Here is the output I get from STEAM with the beta driver (256.25)

[af@andre ~]$ env WINEPREFIX="/home/af/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe"
fixme:advapi:RegisterTraceGuidsW (0x100778a, 0x100a060, {485e7de8-0a80-11d8-ad15-505054503030}, 1, 0x33fe18, (null), (null), 0x100a068,)
fixme:advapi:RegisterTraceGuidsW (0x100778a, 0x100a080, {485e7de9-0a80-11d8-ad15-505054503030}, 1, 0x33fe18, (null), (null), 0x100a088,)
fixme:advapi:RegisterTraceGuidsW (0x100778a, 0x100a0a0, {485e7dea-0a80-11d8-ad15-505054503030}, 1, 0x33fe18, (null), (null), 0x100a0a8,)
fixme:advapi:RegisterTraceGuidsW (0x100778a, 0x100a0c0, {485e7deb-0a80-11d8-ad15-505054503030}, 1, 0x33fe18, (null), (null), 0x100a0c8,)
fixme:advapi:RegisterTraceGuidsW (0x100778a, 0x100a0e0, {485e7dec-0a80-11d8-ad15-505054503030}, 1, 0x33fe18, (null), (null), 0x100a0e8,)
fixme:advapi:RegisterTraceGuidsW (0x100778a, 0x100a100, {485e7ded-0a80-11d8-ad15-505054503030}, 1, 0x33fe18, (null), (null), 0x100a108,)
fixme:win:RegisterDeviceNotificationW (hwnd=0x12be10, filter=0x54e93c,flags=0x00000001) returns a fake device notification handle!
fixmerocess:SetProcessShutdownParameters (00000100, 00000000): partial stub.
CellID: Fetching server list from CSDS. . .
fixme:dbghelp:MiniDumpWriteDump NIY MiniDumpWithDataSegs

then nothing happens after that.
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