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Default Re: Why overscan problems exist, what is that about

Originally Posted by hl_ View Post
Uhm, NVidia's drivers have this feature for quite some time as well (i.e., adjusting overscan compensation by simply moving a slider in nvidia-settings).
The real problem, of course, is that many TVs don't offer a "pixel for pixel" exact mode.
Such a slider never showed up in my NVidia-Settings on any of my computers. Perhaps you are talking about the windows drivers. I'd like to see a screenshot. Perhaps this feature shows up only if NVidia Settings thinks the monitor is appropriate?

Also, the overscan options in xorg.conf did not have any effect. Believe my - I tried with several different cards using both the HDMI and DVI outputs.

Unfortunately, the NVidia drivers could not do it for my TV, by the ATI drivers could. I guess that that's what it really comes down to.
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