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Default Re: Performance regressions with 256.25 driver?

So what are you guys saying?

a) The results for this test of the 256 driver:
[ ] are rubbish. You don't believe the Phoronix results.
[ ] are OK. I believe the Phoronix results.

b) Performance regressions for the 256 driver:
[ ] i) don't exist. On any systems at all.
[ ] ii) exist, but only on mobile systems.
[ ] iii) exist only on the specific laptop that Phoronix tested.

c) That the reason for these results for the 256 driver are:
[ ] i) Phoronix setup is non-standard and cannot be reproduced
[ ] ii) Phoronix benchmarks run on a standard desktop and are subject to spurious background/sleeping/random processes.

Please feel free to check all that apply.

Also I have a question or 2 for you. Please answer each question:
i) Has anyone here ever run the phoronix-test-suite benchmarks for the specific benchies that they ran in this article?
ii) Have you run those benchmarks for the 256 series drivers?
iii) Have you run those benchmarks for any previous driver versions?
iii) If so, report your config, relevant settings and results.

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