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NarcissistZero - finally dumped the GTX 260, NICE UPGRADE!! I went from a GTX 280 to the HD5870 and it was a big upgrade in performance.

Regarding Blue performance - thats the only thing about ATIs drivers that bothered me. A new game would come out and sometimes it's 2-3 driver releases before its tweaked. Nvidia on the other hand pays for early access so they are always optimized when they hit stores / digital. I really loved my HD5870 and even ATIs drivers... but that was the one thing that bothered me. I really wish developers worked with both ATI and Nvidia early on and it wasn't something that needed money to change hands for them to get early code and start optimizing. I see the new 256 series removed the physx block when using an ATI card, whether intentional or not is not yet known.

I really don't like Nvidia's business practices - things they do like removing Physx from an Nvidia GPU just because an ATI card is the "primary display adaptor" and them paying for early access basically making it impossible for ATI to work with the developer early on unless they pay up too. I was really ticked about the PhysX thing because about the time I got my HD5870 I picked up a 9600GT to dedicate for physx then they blocked it from the drivers... so I ended up selling the 9600 GT as it was useless to me. Sometimes Nvidia hurts their own customers and I don't even think they know it.
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