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Default Re: Performance regressions with 256.25 driver?

Originally Posted by wiresquire View Post
i) Has anyone here ever run the phoronix-test-suite benchmarks for the specific benchies that they ran in this article?
ii) Have you run those benchmarks for the 256 series drivers?
iii) Have you run those benchmarks for any previous driver versions?
i) i ran it once in the past, i see no need to get the whole suite just to test one bench
ii) i did ( as previously mentioned ) as others did here: here and here with mixed results as you can see
iii) yep, see above, the test was specifically to see if those finding are ok since i saw better performance while running the composition comparison tests here: Sanctuary demo benchmark edition v2.3 / Tropics Demo v1.3

maybe Phoronix had PowerMizer issues, maybe that mobile GTS250M has issues... we won't know until he gets some more tests with another card preferably a desktop one

/LE: Phoronix: PowerMizer Is Not Likely The Problem In 256.xx Issue
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