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Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post

Yes, but I bought an Nvidia card for PhysX. The box said PhysX was a feature of the product. Nowhere did it say - "PhysX only works with this card as the primary adaptor". I bought it for PhysX but couldn't use it for PhysX. Therein lies the problem. See I still bought their product, I paid $100 for it, but I couldn't use the features they advertised on the box. I don't think they see the bigger picture - whether or not it's my primary adaptor I'm a customer that just bought their product and I expect it to work.
fine, that might be right, but on other hand, why would nvidia invest time and money to test ati+nvidia physx configurations to make sure its working correctly? And then get blamed if something changes in 3rd party driver and something stops working.

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post

I just don't think ATI has the money to engage developers. Its been a rough few years for them. On the other hand I don't think it's right that developers are taking handouts and give one company early access. I guess it's more of a moral question and I don't agree with the Mafia style backroom buyouts.
haha, that just made me laugh. so it would be OK for ATi to have a program like that (and they did in past), but now since they are broke and can't afford it, competition is evil for having their program running. thats some great double standards, haha.
sure, one company tries to make things better for everyone and they are made to look like the bad guys. nvidia invest their time to optimize code, basically what developers get is couple additional free programmers.

ATI just been lazy for the past couple years, they tried doing a program like that before(around Black and White2 days), and it failed. now they are trying again with "Gaming Evolved Program "

lets see how long this one last , there is no profit to be made directly in these programs. At best it can later on result in better hardware sales, and most importantly improve the quality of games, and that improves the strenght of the platform, making it better for everyone.

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post

Also - eyefinity doesn't block any Nvidia features from working - its just adding something to the game for their hardware. Thats different.
And that is exactly what nvidia is doing. ATI if they wanted to they could add physx, but again it seems like they don't care.

And before you reply, But poor ATI would have to pay, cry me a ****ing river. Even if they would have to, so what? Thats how business world works.
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