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Default An extension granted...

I posed a message the other day entitled "I've reached the end...".

That was certainly the case as I have lost so much time and work over this. However, based upon pdavid's suggestion to lower the AGP speed, I have entered the BIOS setup and done just this: from 8x to 4x. I decided to leave it over the weekeend to see if it locked up again, with the promise of replacing the card if it did.

As I never turn my PC off it is easy to see when it has locked up, but since I made the change, it hasn't missed a beat!!

A few thoughts about this.

1. Why didn't nVidia reply to ANY of my emails. Customer service (read: satisfaction) is clearly not a priority with them.

2. The FX5600 is an 8x AGP card, designed and marketed as a games gard, and yet with Linux I am forced to use it in 4x mode? This seems to be clearly a driver issue. Goto point #1.

So I am somewhat frustrated, but relieved that I don't have to waste any more time sourcing and installing new hardware.

I'll continue to monitor this list and if my situation changes I'll let you know.

Thank you for your suggstion pdavid.

Kind regards,
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