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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480/465" thread

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
The 5870 is just not boosting my frames at all in most games... GTA4 actually runs significantly worse. The only game I tested last night and today that gave me a significant increase in performance was Bad Company 2, which somehow got a 20fps boost. Nothing else came at all close to that, and $420 to run one game better is insane.

On top of that the profiles on ATI are annoying and both Metro 2033 and Borderlands would suddenly not load up at all, which googling tells me is an issue with their Physx needs and some ATI drivers.

It's just a cluster-f**k all around really, and exactly what I feared when I was thinking of going ATI because of all the good reviews.

So I am planning to return it tomorrow and either get a second GTX 275 and join the world of SLI, or spend too much money and get a 480. Or neither and get a PS3 or Wii... hahaha.

I have a nice Antec tower case with 4 fans on it that keeps things nice and cool. Room temp is always 75 degrees.
I know what you mean about the ATi drivers, it can be a mess.

when it comes to 480 and you case, what antec case do you have exactly? 4 fans? so that would be 2 intake? 2 exhaust? Do you have negative case pressure (when more fans pull air out, then its being pumped inside)?

When it comes to cooling its not that bad, it will be a bit hotter then 275. in worst case scenario, it would be a good idea to place 120mm fan blowing air towards the 480 intake fan.

btw is your CPU overclocked? I wonder if one of the reasons why you are not seeing a larger boost because of CPU bottleneck
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