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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480/465" thread

It's a rather standard Antec case... big black thing. The 4 fans are one on the side, one on top and two in front. The one on the side blows right on the GPU.

As for my CPU, no, I run everything stock. It's a good CPU though, everything I read tells me I would gain next to nothing in games by upgrading to a low level i7. If you mean that I need an extreme $800 processor to get anything out of a 5870 then I guess I would say I will not upgrade to one, or a 480, as I cannot do a complete PC overhaul right now financially.

If that is the case, would I still get anything from a second GTX 275?
I gots one of them high powered gaming computers with an EVGA GTX 480 video thingy and a Q9550 processing device and also one of them Windows 7 64 operating programs with 4GB of some Corsair 1033 DDR2 ram.

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