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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480/465" thread

So I switched back to my GTX 275 and ran the same tests I ran with the 5870 this morning.

Only two games lose fps on the GTX 275, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Just Cause 2. Just Cause 2 lost about 10fps, but since it runs at 70-80fps anyway I hardly consider it a loss. BC2 is the major factor with the card, as it runs at 30-40fps almost no matter what on the 275, but was getting 50+ on the 5870... it was in the ads on as well, so I assume them working with Dice is a factor here.

Several games ran BETTER on the 275... Fallout 3, GTA4, Blur, Farcry 2 and more.

5870 can kiss my ass.

This is so off topic though, so... apologies.
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