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Default Re: Performance regressions with 256.25 driver?

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Phoronix make too much drama out of this. Regression in a testing release? NO WAY!

Testing pre-release software and then claim there is some kind of regression or "disaster" (as in the 2.6.35 kernel tests) is just plain silly without identifying what it is.

I would agree that people should post their benchmarks on games with both drivers, specifically Openarea.
Bingo! It's only a beta release, Phoronix only tested one machine. RTFA. They didn't make any drama out of it at all. If you think they over-reacted, then quote from the article. They just reported what they got.

It's all the nvidia fanbois that make all the drama about Phoronix that makes me sick. "Oh, it's Phoronix, so it's BS". "Phoronix just want attention". Wrong. It's you.

FWIW, if you read the article, running a single benchy, especially Unigine:* would be stupid to try to prove there isn't a regression for you. If you wanted to make sure, you would be running Lightsmark2008 or OpenArena or one of the ones that showed a significant decrease in performance in the phoronix article. AFAICT, Licaon, you are the only one who did so.

That means everyone else is talking out their you know whats. That's what peeves me off...
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