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Default 310m HDMI Audio? (Dell SP2309w Monitor)

I have a Dell Vostro 3500 laptop with GeForce 310m discrete graphic connected to a Dell SP2309w Monitor connected via HDMI. I get video but no sound!

I don't see any HDMI devices in Sound > Playback Devices with the monitor connected or disconnected (Show Disabled Devices, Show Disconnected Devices).

I have 4 “NVIDIA High Definition Audio” devices in my Device Manager.

The NVIDIA Control Panel shows Connector: DVI-PC and im not allowed to change it.

I have HDMI drivers for my monitor and I have testes Nvidia drivers from Dell, and the current stable release from Nvidia 197.16 and the beta 257.15.

I have tried to lower the resolution of my monitor to 1366x768 but Nvidia control center always shows DVI-PC.

Has anyone been able to get audio over HDMI with a 310m? I would really appreciate help!
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