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Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Considering you would be doing alot of shooting and its all done in realtime as a shooter then it needs to be taken into consideration.
You don't have to shoot at all.

The game deserves at least a 7, even if you really can't get over some of it's flaws.

You really have to invest points into something, if you wanna use it.
For example stealth is hard in the beginning, but if you max it out, you can run around for 20sec completely invisible to other people and clean out whole rooms without setting off any alarms. Cameras and turrets can still see you though.

Pistols are for close quarter fights, but with enough points, you can one-shot almost anyone from a distance and you can also get the option to slow time and pick 2-6 targets and kill them all in one second. They are far from useless unlike the review says.

It is like that with probably any skill in the game. It feels useless at first, but it gets better to a point, when it feels overpowered.

Dialogs are great, reading intel or buying intel before a mission is fun. It's not necessary, but it helps a lot. You really feel like your decisions matter and that the story can end completely different.
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