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Default Re: nvidia-173.14.25 fails to install on kernel | X.Org X Server 1.7.7

Do you actually have anything at /lib/modules/

That's where kernel *headers* are usually installed, which are sufficient to build the module, but they might be absent. I suspect the installer is trying this location for the running kernel's headers because it's not aware of the kernel sources existing anywhere else.

Did you build the kernel yourself, or did you install a new kernel through your distribution's package manager? Some distributions will install a tarball of the kernel sources to /usr/src when you install a kernel-source package. It's possible that you installed the kernel-source package, and simply have an unextracted tarball sitting around, which obviously the installer can't use. If this is the case, extract the tarball into /usr/src. You can also see if your distribution has a kernel-headers or kernel-devel package.

If you built the kernel yourself, and the sources are located somewhere unusual, then pass the actual path of the kernel sources to the installer using the "--kernel-source-path" option.

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