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Default Re: So now that I have a SUPER DUPER COMPUTER...

Stunning graphics with mediocre sandbox single player gameplay = Crysis
Stunning graphics with bad multiplayer = Crysis
Stunning graphics that are moddable to be even more stunning = Crysis

Very good graphics and decent single player = BFBC2
Very good graphics and some of the best multiplayer gameplay = BFBC2

Trying to get anywhere near 60 FPS with your super duper computer for either game = BFBC2

BFBC2 and BF2 play differently...BF2 is on a larger scale and is much more vehicle orientated.

Did you get rid of the AGP system btw ? Finally realised that AGP carl weathers is no match for a PCI-E Sylvester Stallone just like in the rocky movies Carl Weathers will die off.
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