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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 465/470/480" thread

I have always had stable systems... when people complain about crashes and such I point out that I haven't had an issue running a game in years, and maybe 1 or 2 games in the last decade.

I read developer interviews and the guides and it all says not to overclock as no matter what it will harm stability and result in lots of little errors you do not notice at first but cause issues down the road. The most persuasive was a top developer at Valve's comments about it on the Steam forums.

Also, I used the "turbo" mode of my mobo once, the PQ5 Pro Turbo, and it causes instant problems with the games I was using at the time... Ghostbusters' videos were sped up and distorted and Fallout 3 crashed for the first time EVER. Turning off turbo mode fixed the videos and Fallout 3 has never crashed since.

I just don't see it as worth the trouble and risk and potential stability issues.

More to the point though, my GTX 275 maxes every game except for GTA4 and Metro 2033. The main reason I wanted to upgrade was because of things like Borderlands dropping from 60fps to 35fps suddenly when a lot of shadows are on screen, or Farcry 2 bouncing from 60fps to 45fps constantly and making gameplay feel stuttery. These types of small issues are the first thing I tried with the 5870 and it offered me no performance increase. I loaded up Borderlands and in the town of New Haven when I turn the corner to the weapon shop I still go from 60fps to 40fps suddenly... happened on the GTX 275, happens on the 5870.

For overall performance I am happy with what I have, I wanted a card that solved those other issues. The 5870 did not do so. Games did not suddenly run at a rock solid 60fps that didn't before, other than Bad Company 2.

Maybe I expected too much... probably because I usually upgrade every other generation, not one to the next. Looking at benchmarks on tomshardware and such I see that when they talk of the 5870 "blowing away" the GTX 280, it's only getting 10fps more.

I think I just wanted too much. So I feel like I should return it, upgrade next year to a new CPU, mobo and RAM, then wait for the premier next-gen cards.
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