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Default Losing desktop access on resolution change

Debian Sid 64bit / kernel 2.6.34 but problem seen also on 2.6.33
KDE 4.4.3, early versions too, composition or not does not make a difference
driver: 196.36.15 / 196.36.24 / 256.25 / 256.29

when a native ( like Unigine benchmarks ) or WINE app ( like The Witcher ) changes the resolution i get stuck on a black screen or with the wallpaper with the mouse cursor and keyboard working
sometimes after a quick switch to a VT via the keyboard and back will let the app to recover ok
but most of the time only a X zap via CTRL-ALT-Backspace helps

sometimes i get a kernel OOPS and i posted a log in the dedicated thread here: but i even saw this kind of OOPS at an earlier time than the time when i tested the resolution change so it might not be related

another thing worth mentioning, in Unigine Heaven for instance i get the black screen when i want to change the resolution but on The Witcher the resolution changes ok but when i exit the game i get stuck

attached the bug report after trying to change the resolution in Unigine Heaven 2.1, switched to a VT and killed it, switched back to a working desktop, run The Witcher, change res ok, play a bit, exited to only a mouse and a wallpaper and then killed the X server
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