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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 465/470/480" thread

I don't know if you'll see great gains with your setup or not, but overclocking really is incredibly simple. Keep an eye on 3-4 settings in your BIOS and download two programs: Prime95 and CoreTemp. I'll explain how to use these below.

Intel's processors are just made for OC'ng. The only things you really need to pay attention to are your memory speed (always make sure it's half of your FSB speed) your CPU voltage and your northbridge/chipset voltage. Since you're a beginner, you'd probably do best to set both the CPU voltage and NB voltage to "auto" and just increase the FSB a little at a time and test it with Prime95. I had a Q9500 and was able to get it to 3.9GHz stable. A friend of mine has had his to 4.3GHz stable, but it's one of the revisions with better stepping.

When you run Prime95, run a torture test on "small FFTs" and make sure that you see four threads running inside the window. You'll see it running a series of prime number calculations. Let it run for at least four hours. If after then, all the threads are still running calculations, then you're stable.

While running Prime, download the CoreTemp program so that you can monitor your temps while Prime95 is running. All cores should be at 65c or below just to be on the safe side. Temps will increase on each with the more you overclock or increase the CPU voltage.

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