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Default 256.29: Writable and Executable Sections

I installed the 256.29 beta drivers via Gentoo Linux's package manager and it complains in a QA notice about the drivers containing both writable and executable sections:

QA: other
QA Notice: The following files contain writable and executable sections
Files with such sections will not work properly (or at all!) on some
architectures/operating systems. A bug should be filed at to make sure the issue is fixed.
For more information, see
Please include the following list of files in your report:
Note: Bugs should be filed for the respective maintainers
of the package in question and not hardened@g.o.
RWX --- --- usr/bin/nvidia-smi
RWX --- --- usr/bin/nvidia-xconfig
RWX --- --- usr/lib/
RWX --- --- usr/lib/
RWX --- --- usr/lib/
RWX --- --- usr/lib/opengl/nvidia/lib/
RWX --- --- usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/
I assume that since the nvidia drivers are binaries on Gentoo Linux, this is an upstream issue. Is there any reason for these files to contain both writable and executable sections?
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