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Default Re: Can't I run 2 X servers on the one card

I'm really surprised that this configuration is not supported. I've been running two X-servers on the same graphics adapter (same display, different virtual terminals: Alt-F7/F8) on Debian/Ubuntu for years. My last successful configuration was on Ubuntu 8.04, with nVidia driver 169.12. Now, I upgraded to 10.04 (which comes with 173 and makes it very hard to go back to 169.12) and it allows me to start another X-server, but once I logout of that server, the display goes into power save mode until I reboot the workstation (switching to a text based console does not work either.) Curiously, the problem seems to happen when the second X server exits. If I start the second server and switch between them with Ctrl-Alt-F7 / Ctrl-Alt-F8, everything works. If I go back to the first server and kill the second server manually (sudo kill <pid>), things work. It's only when I log out of the second server (or kill it with ctrl-alt-backspace) that things break horribly.

I'm using an oldie FX 5900 Ultra. It would be fantastic if we could go back to the behavior we saw on 169.12 regarding this. This is a very useful feature.
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