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Default Re: What is the best dedicated PhysX card?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
I'm sure the 480 is the fastest card for processing Physx, but when you want to move the Physx load to another card, you want something that won't be a total waste, so obviously you aren't going to run a second 480 for dedicated Physx. That's why I mentioned the GTS 250.

Hopefully nvidia will release a "perfect" dedicated Physx card using the Fermi architecture before too long. Maybe 128SPs, and high clock speeds in all the right areas, low(ish) power requirements and extremely low idle temps and power consumption.
I'm surprised they haven't yet. They did just unban ati from using physx and got rid of timebomb in 257 drivers so maybe now they'll release a card that both users will buy and spread physics to a mainstream level.
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