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Originally posted by fuxifuxi
I want an FX card because of improved pixel shader and vertex shader support. I even expect support for glSlang (in hardware) when it will be available. Since all GeForce 4 and below are DirectX 8.1 cards or below I will lack the functionality I need. I am a developer. I do not want extreme performance. I just want to see how things work. My 5200 card supports fully opengl 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, (and another 100 extensions) which can not be said for GeForce 4TI or below...
ok, now I understand why GF4TI wont work for you. And since you say ATI is so much more expensive, I'd recommend either an FX5700 ultra, or FX5900 non-ultra (which sells for $210us). Not sure how much you're looking to spend, but don't waste your money on the slower 5200 or 5600, both of which are outperformed by the GF4TI. And the 5800 is loud, expensive, and underpowered so scratch that too.

Let us know what you choose: 5700 or 5900 or something else
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