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Default GPU Scaling Method - Autostart

Hey guys,

I recently bought a new Monitor. It's my very first 16:9 display - from LG. Before I had a 5:4.

The thing is that I play a lot of MS-DOS games over DOSBox. My old 5:4 ALWAYS kept the right aspect ratio for these games: If the game demanded 4:3 - it switched to 4:3 (black borders at top/bottom). Of course NVidia driver helped with it: I needed "Aspect ratio scaled" in nvidia-settings so the Samsung displayed the correct ratio automatically. But after setting this option once, it always worked.

Now my new LG comes with an "awesome" internal switch to stuff the image to 4:3. At first I asked why it does even provide such a function while my old Samsung did all this by it's own with the help of nvidia-settings.

Then I know: Basically the LG will stretch EVERYTHING to 16:9. Everytime I restart X (or at least the whole system - not exactly sure), I need to re-open nvidia-settings so the imge scaling will work properly.

I really have no idea how this difference is produced from a technical side. However it's a little annoying always opening nvidia-settings.
Yes, I said the monitor provides a 4:3 option. Howeve rit doe snot provide a "custom aspect" setting. And like MANY OSD menus I saw in my days.. it's AWFUL complicated to even activate it...
Still I know I can set a lot of stuff via shell over "nvidia-settings -q ..." which I could use after X start automatically.

However I am not sure how to set the option "Aspect Ratio Scaled" ... I think I am too stupid to understand the correct syntax.

So can anyone help me with that? Just a small hin would be sufficient - I am willing to learn.

Oh, and if someone KNOWS why one display will constantly accept the nvidia-settings while the other one overrides it constantly, I would be interested.
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