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Default BattleNet 2.0 is a Restaurant!

This is a pretty cool way of what B.Net 2.0 is like currently..

Say that blizzard is a restaurant, Starcraft 2 is the food they serve and battlenet 2.0 is the waiter that brings you the food.

Now the food is hands down awesome, it's the best thing you've ever ate, in fact it's so good your mouth orgasms when your tongue touches that culinary delight.

How ever the waiter is a dick.

He doesn't allow you to talk to any one else at the table, but you can whisper to some one close to you as long as no one else hears what you're saying (no chat channels).
When you see some friends of yours at the next table he doesn't allow you to get up and go to them unless you order the exact same thing you've ordered at your table once you reach their table (no xrealm)
If you want salt on your food you have to pay extra, if you want pepper you have to pay extra, if you want to use the napkin, you have to pay extra, if you want a tooth pick, you have to pay extra, if you want to go to the bathroom you have to pay extra (map marketplace).
While you order the waiter places a microphone under your table in order to gather personal information about you, information that he will use to make statistics and sell to other restaurants.
Sharing food between you and your loved one is completely forbidden since there have been case where people would eat for free by doing this (no lan)
The plates, knives, forks and the dinner table are filled with adds.
At the end of the lunch you can't see the whole bill, just the first 2 items you've baught and how much the overall price is, but not the price for the individual items (no world wide ranking)

Now would you WANT to go again to the same restaurant? Even if the food is good?

Would you really be surprised if some one would say "let's not go here anymore untill they fire that waiter?"
Out of all the B.Net 2.0 stuff...the thing i hate the most is how AU/NZ got shafted to the Asia Laggy servers
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