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Default Redhat 8.0 (Psyche) is out | comments?

It's out people!

"Hang on to your hat!"

Note that XMMS is NOT included in this release because of patents and licenses. You can grab the patch for 8.0 at
You can use the xmms mp3 plugin, but you have to understand that you will be violating the GPL (who cares?)

Support for cards other than Nvidia's

<mharris> The Radeon 8500 is supported by the currently in development r200 branch of CVS.

...So any card up to 7500 is supported and 8500 is being worked on

You can chat with Mike Harris at #redhat
(very interesting discussions there, so feel free to pop-in)
[b]Optimization guidelines by Koji Ashida of NVIDIA:[/b][list][*]Use fx12 instructions whenever possible[*]Use lowest pixel shader version[/list][url=]source[/url]

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