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Default backlight problem after standby mode

I first noticed this problem in the 195 driver, but it's still present in 256.25 and 256.29.

I have a Dell Precision M4400 with Quadro 770M. After going into standby and resuming, the driver no longer turns off the backlight when the display goes idle. Instead, it goes to full brightness, and the framebuffer is all white. The same occurs if you just close the laptop lid - instead of turning off the backlight, it turns it on at full brightness and you can see bright white light shining thru the gap between the lid and the laptop body.

On a separate note, whenever I use the Nvidia Settings applet and select GPU 0 Thermal Settings the applet immediately crashes.

The applet bug is just a minor annoyance, the backlight bug is quite aggravating because it's a drain on the battery.
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