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After my 27 inch LCDTV died back in January when 3 out of 5 backlight LCD inverters blowed out and here was no replacement part, I went to Comet to looked around LCDTVs, LEDTVs and Plasma TVs and noticed the picture quality on LEDTVs are about the same as Plasma TVs. I noticed Plasma TVs released alots of heats 3 feets in front of me and put my hand on the screen, they are very hot and the power consumption is between 250W to 350W so really not very good place to put in bedroom and not suitable to sit in front for PC usage for all day.

I saw Sony and Samsung 32 inch LEDTVs but either are cost 899 that I cant afforded and on the other side saw Sharp LC32LE600E on sale for 449 that was in my price range then went home and checked John Lewis site that offer 5 years warranty instead of 3 years warranty at Comet then bought one at Glasgow branch.

I am very pleased with Sharp LEDTV, the picture quality is much brighter and sharper than Sony 32 inch LCDTV in other bedroom dad bought last year and did very good job displayed 1080p at native resolution 1920x1080 and texts are sharp and easy to read but it seemed Sony LCDTV cant do 1080p when it had native resolution of 1368x768, it probably only can do 720p. I tested the power consumption to compared both Sony LCDTV and Sharp LEDTV by watching TV and use PC. When watched TV, Sony LCDTV used 86W while Sharp LEDTV used 54W, on PC, Sony LCDTV still used 86W and Sharp LEDTV used only 34W which are alot lower than my old 27 inch LCDTV consumpted 100W when used PC. 100W was bit too warm for me to sit in front caused my eye strain if used PC all day but now LEDTV was fantastic with cold screen caused me no problem all day.

Forget Plasma TV with insanely high power consumption, watch out for OLED TVs in the next big thing in few years.
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