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Default Re: What is the best dedicated PhysX card?

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
Silly question- with my 470, IN Batman AA physx is set to normal with no dedicated card and it's perfectly playable with all else maxed at 1680x1050.

Is the physx performance in this title indicative of what to expect in other titles that utilize physx? Would I really need a physx card?

If it does make that much difference, I may have to grab one.
It kind of depends, there are some scenes in Batman AA that use very demanding PhysX effects and other times where it is hardly using any. I think Cryostasis uses more demanding physics just in general. But the scenes in Batman AA where you are up against Scarecrow are pretty demanding, probably just as much as any other physx title. Of course in Ghostbusters they were able to achieve the same type of effects using just CPU physics but whatever....
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