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Post NVIDIA Launches New CUDA Certification Program

NVidia is embracing the popularity of CUDA and GPU Compute algorithms by creating a new 'CUDA Certification Program' and a new NVResearch Online Portal. This new training program will work with their CUDA Research Centers and CUDA Teaching Centers to pump out qualified engineers with experience and knowledge in developing GPGPU algorithms.
'There are now more than 350 universities worldwide teaching the CUDA programming model within their curriculum and more than 100 000 programmers actively developing applications that use the GPU ' said Sanford Russell general manager of CUDA & GPU Computing at NVIDIA. 'These new programs will encourage this work and develop collaborations that will advance GPGPU adoption across a wide variety of industries.'

I do find it curious that it's a CUDA Certification and not an OpenCL or GPGPU certification. Of course, it's in NVidia's best interest to push CUDA but a bit of a slap in the face to Khronos and other OpenCL folks.

via NVIDIA Launches New Research, Training and Certification Programs for Developers Focused on GPU Computing ' MarketWatch.

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