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Default Viewsonic VX2835wm and Ubuntu nVidia driver.

I am new to the forums. I installed Ubuntu 10.04 using a GeForce 9800GT and Viewsonic VX2835wm. Under Windows 7 I have a custom NV_DISP.inf forcing the EDID from this monitor. I know this monitor has been blacklisted by nVidia because it is also a HDTV. Output from computer is DVI and input on monitor is HDMI. With nVidia driver downloaded as restricted on Ubuntu 10.04 happens the same thing with Windows, it reads as HDMI input and 1920x1200 but desktop is all wrong, top and bottom of screen are missing. With the custom NV_DISP.inf on Windows 7 I force the input to DVI instead of HDMI and resolution and desktop draw perfect. Is there a way to fix the EDID for that monitor so I can add desktop effects?
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