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Default Re: 256.29 bug in PowerMixer

Same here with an ASUS Gf 210 (desktop PCIEx card). It has 3 performance levels:

NV clock/Memory clock

1. 135/135
2. 405/324
3. 589/400

In the 256.25/29 drivers the first time i checked it seemed to be correct (but to be honest i didnt check throughly when i started nvidia-settings) if the lowest performance level is used (1), but if it throttles up to level 3 and back down, the level 2 speed becomes the same as level 3 or they change place as shown in the Lemmiwinks images.

In 195.36.24 the frequencies are shown correctly. I switched back to this driver until the problem is solved.
I hope this is only a cosmetic bug.
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