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Default Re: SEGA Genesis Classics Coming to PC

Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
...Seriously? The REASON Snes, Megadrive etc ROMs are "illegal" (grey area) is because you have to dump the files from the cart, the emulators themselves aren't illegal. So, there is nothing remotely illegal in posting screenshots of God of War running on an emulator, the emulator's not illegal and I'm assuming the person posting the screenshot owns a physical copy of GoW (as the emulator plays from the original disc)so that's not illegal, so what's so bad about posting screenshots of it? They really should not have been removed.
Wrong. It is illegal for sites to host the PS2 BIOS as well. So unless you dump your PS2 BIOS yourself, then the PS2 emulator is illegal as well. We have no way of verifying that you have the right to run the software. And I am not going into each thread/post and moderate it subjectively, so no emulator/piracy discussions. Period.

If you want to discuss emulators and ROM's and pirated games, there are plenty of forums around for that. Google will point you to them.
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