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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 465/470/480" thread

Originally Posted by agentkay View Post
No, its butter smooth either way with and without vsync. The only reason why I use vsync is to cap the framerate because I'm content with 60 fps and why let the videocard render "useless" frames that I don't see anyway. Useless because I personally don't see or notice those above 60fps.... milage always differs with people in that regard.
Its definitely not butter smooth without vsync and thats what I'm trying to figure out. Granted my monitor is 1680x1050 and I'm thinking the card is just spitting out too many fps and they are not able to be displayed fast enough causing it to look jittery or choppy. With vsync on and tb enabled it's amazing though. I have very picky eyes, micro stutter just killed the dual cards with me... I'm thinking maybe I need to move up to a 1920x1080 monitor so that the GTX 480 isn't spitting out quite so many fps and that may cure the non-smoothness I'm seeing. Thoughts on that?
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