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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 465/470/480" thread

Originally Posted by agentkay View Post
Yes I'm by far not too picky, had a 8800GTX until I got the 480 so I was used for lower framerates for a while. I didn't have framerate issues even with the old driver that caused BC2 long DX11 loadtimes, the one where you complained and I play at 1080p all maxed out with 16AF, 32AA. Sure I'm using the 257.15 driver now and the loadtimes are certainly better but general framerate is just as smooth as 197.41 was for me. My eyes simply aren't that picky, at least not for fps but image quality is something else. I can tell when AF or AA isn't properly working but thats more obivious usually.

I can only imagine that the framerate in regard to the refresh rate (of your display) are out of sync once in a while and you notice it. I remember you saying that fraps doesn't show that "drop" or unsync, which would make totally sense (unless its so short that you couldn't tell that the number changed) since fraps only shows the framerate of the graphics card but not the behavoir of the display. I'm using a 46" Sharp HDTV, which behaves quite differently than your display, its reaction time (4ms apparently), 100hz technology or whatever might hide the effect that you experience plus like I said I am not too picky for things like that.

Anyway, when you have a chance to try out a different display, give it a try, because it does sound to me like its primarly related to the display.
I wish the 120hz LCD monitors were cheaper and more readily available. I've love to get one, ever since we went to 60hz widescreen monitors my eyes have hated me.
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